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Custom Murals are priced on an individual basis. Factors that go into the pricing are:

1. Size of the Mural
Is the wall size 2 feet or 20 feet?

2. Complexity  of Design
What is the subject matter, and how much or how little detail is involved?

3. Style of Mural
Is it a loose watercolor technique, or a fully rendered image

4. Location of Job Site
How much travel time and expense is needed?

Materials and supplies are always built into the cost of the job.

An average mural starts at $450 and increases depending on the answers to the questions above.

About the Mural Creation Process-

The mural process  begins with a Consultation.  This means visiting the job site and meeting with clients.

During the consultation, Mark will ask questions and offer suggestions to help define the exact mural a client is looking for.

The studio  is located in Central New Jersey.  Consultations are free within a 30 mile radius of Watchung, NJ. Due to time and travel expense to any area outside the 30 mile radius, there is a $50 consultation fee.  If the job is brought to completion, the fee is deducted from the total cost of the work.

Based on what is discussed during the consultation,  the client will be sent a contract /  proposal.  The contract will include a job description, total cost, and a start date.

Once a signed contract is returned, Mark will  provide a black and white sketch.

Upon approval of the pencil  sketch, if needed, Mark will do  a loose color sketch of the mural. This allows the client to know exactly what the end result will look like before committing it to the wall. ( If the mural is replicated from an existing photo this will act as the sketch)

Mark Romanoski's Mural and Design uses  water-based Acrylic paint, so there are no turpentine, harsh chemicals, or solvents involved, and no strong odors in the air.

The paint will dry to the touch within an hour and be completely dry within a few days. 

A firm believer  his main job is to make his clients happy.   Once the job is completed Mark will make any small change necessary.Any  large changes, addition of additional elements , etc.,  will result in modification to original fee and contract.

Here are some examples of the before..... and the finished product.