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Mark grew up in North Plainfield, New Jersey, and cannot remember a time when art wasn't a part of his life.  In addition to drawing, Mark also had an enduring fondness for comic books and fantasy related material.

Mark graduated from North Plainfield High School in 1987, and spent a year and a half studying commercial art at St. John's University.  He transferred to Kean College in 1989 and graduated with a B.F.A. in 1992.

Shortly after graduation, Mark met legendary illustrator Tim Hildebrandt, who along with his brother Greg, is among the most renowned fantasy artists in the world.   Tim helped Mark to learn two of his most important lessons, that he had a lot to learn, and nothing would come easy.

Mark recalls Tim telling him that perseverance must be a God-given talent because so few people have it.  Listening to Tim's advice, Mark set out to refine his talents.

It was then that Mark was introduced to DC Comics artist Joe Devito.  Joe taught Mark an academic approach to illustration, and convinced him to enroll at the Arts Students League in New York.  Mark spent two years studying various techniques for drawing and painting.

Mark continued his education at the DuCret School of Arts in Plainfield, New Jersey.  At DuCret, he studied under Peter Caras, a well-known artist who was a protégé of Norman Rockwell and Jim Bama.  Mark's studies at DuCret were focused on illustration, composition and anatomy.

By 1998, Mark's studies had come full circle, and he was asked to be the assistant of Tim and Greg Hildebrandt.  It was the first time the Hildebrandts had hired an assistant, and Mark was their first choice.

While working with Tim and Greg, Mark assisted with many projects.  The experience he gained from this work helped him to launch his own career.  As a freelance artist, Mark's clients have included: Magic the Gathering, Harry Potter, the W.W.F. and many others.

In 2000, with the help of his former business agent Jean Scrocco, Mark produced an illustration for the W.W.F. that was used to help promote a pay-per-view television event.  The illustration was used for a video cover, various newspaper and magazine ads, and was also reproduced as a four-and-a-half story banner over the W.W.F. theme restaurant in the middle of Times Square for the 2001 New Years celebration.  It was one of the highlights of Mark's career.

Mark has also sold original paintings to private collectors including Warner Brothers Studios, Universal Studios, the W.W.F. Corporate Headquarters and Mike Uslan, the chief executive producer of the Batman movies.

He currently resides in North Plainfield, New Jersey, and in addition to his work as an illustrator, Mark is now a teacher at his former school DuCret. 

Mark remains available for private commissions, portraits and interior and exterior murals.  

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